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Ingredients :

  • 500g Mince Beef (Preferably Organic)
  • Half an onion (chopped)
  • 1/2 TSP -
  • 1/2 TSP – Dried Corriander
  • Pinch of salt
  • Season with Black Pepper


1. Mix all the ingredients together


2. Form in Pattes



3. Place in a pan (pre oiled with coconut oil) on a low heat, cook for 15 mins turning over every 3-5 mins


4. Serve with Spring greens an cooked red onion




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As an Adv. Personal Trainer I wake up early, enter a light meditative state and visualise my day. For many years imaginary and visualisation techniques have been used by many cultures. Upon waking I imagine myself going through my morning workout, watching myself from a 3rd person point of view working through each exercise. I imagine going through the rest of the day, achieving the tasks that need to be completed and the people I am likely to encounter on my path. I think of the meals that I have in front of me which is also important, it allows me to consciously be aware that I have to eat at these certain periods during the day and it also gives me more guidance with the right type of foods that I need to consume.

Listening to music whilst doing this process also helps, preferably nice chilled out music or some movie soundtracks. I find with this type of music energising and stimulates the brain which contributes to feeling good and more confident.

Then my mind is mentally prepared for the day. Sometimes just before I hit the gym I get the iPad out and put on YouTube to watch some workout videos for further inspiration, I experience an increase in adrenalin and that feel good factor.

After doing the workout I take in my post workout meal and breakfast, sitting down being cool, calm and content and appreciating what I eat. The feel good hormones (endorphins) have released in my body from my workout and these counteract against the bad stress hormones (cortisol). I then feel even more focused and positive allowing me to use this to my advantage in trying to make my day as best I can make it.

Why do I it? It simply works!


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How I came across it

I was at the Leisure Industry Week this year at the Birmingham NEC centre in the UK, when what caught my eye was these bright yellow dip bars. I asked one of the exhibitors what they were all about, he then brought them out placed them on the floor in front of me and gave me a demo. It wasn’t just doing dips but turning the bars into agility, strength and flexibility exercises. I thought to myself why on earth have I not seen these before and if only I had come up with the idea before!

How can they help me? 

Well body weight training for starters, being able to use these bars in different locations and get a great workout. It might not be as easy confining a TRX system but it sure is easy to pick up and you can dismantle the bars if needed.

I believe this equipment does indeed add a new dimension to training for your own personal fitness, Group Fitness, Personal Trainers, even Rehabilitation etc



So after the show I made the purchase of the bars and I have to say I have not regretted making this decision at all. Price wise you’re looking at £90 including delivery ($114 .99 on the official Lebert Fitness Website – Current Special Offer)



The package includes: 2 Equalizer Bars, Beginner/Intermediate Workout DVD with Marc Lebert and Laminated Poster.

In all honesty I haven’t watched the DVD as yet due to creating my own exercises, however I have divulged on YouTube checking out what other fitness professionals and enthusiasts have come up with.



Since the purchase

I haven’t stopped using the Lebert Equalizer and not just for myself but even for my clients as well. They really like it when I mention to them that I have a new fitness toy coming and it’s made some real fun sessions. The great thing is other PT’s and fitness professionals have come up to me and commented on the bars saying that “it’s so simple!” and “where can i buy it?” If you’re a Personal Trainer or fitness professional I would highly recommend this for your clients, it’s caught a lot of attention on the gym floor with the members approaching with that ‘kid in the candy store’ approach.

The Lebert Equalizer has been used in my clients’ sessions targeting:

  • Speed , Agility & Quickness Training
  • Body Strength
  • Rehabilitation
  • Flexibility
  • Power



What I liked : 

I love the versatility of this product, its strong, light weight and I can easily take them with me to clients.


What I disliked : 

The fact that its set at one particular height. If the bar could be adjusted at different height intervals, they must of thought of this before but it would be amazing. So for example you could turn it into some low parallette bars.